Fire Ball Extinguisher


  1. Fire Ball Extinguisher

A Fire Extinguisher Ball is an advanced technology to extinguish the fire. It is a new sphere shape firefighting equipment and is made from harmless chemical powder. Fire Extinguisher Ball is a completely automatic fire quencher. When the ball comes in contact with flames, it bursts and disperses and immediately extinguish the fire. Fire extinguisher ball is a self-activation fire extinguishing equipment and when we throw  it to the fire, it automatically dispenses a cloud of ABC dry chemical powder that extinguishes the fire. The extinguishing agent inside it is not harmful to the environment and human life. Fire Extinguisher ball is user friendly. It is easy to use and install. When installed in the premises the owner of the premises does not need to train the employee about the usage of the fire extinguisher ball. It is a very effective and reliable fire extinguisher. No refilling is required for this type of fire extinguisher. It can suppress the fire in 3 to 5 seconds.

We put the fire extinguisher ball where the potshots are. It can be installed in various places. Some of theme are:

  • Combustible Objects.
  • Electrical Witch Boxes.
  • Gas Tanks.
  • Super Markets.
  • Petrol Pump.
  • Chemical warehouses.
  • Manufacturing Units.


Fire Extinguishing Ball Types


(1) AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball:

AFO  fireball activates automatically when it comes across the fire. It does not require people to come close to the fire because it activates automatically and extinguishes the fire. It has a built-in fire alarm. It lightweight ball. It is suitable for use on materials such as wood, liquids, papers, and many others. AFO ball makes fire suppressing task effective and safe. It disperses chemical powder in 360 degrees and instantly triggers the fire. For more information, visit AFO Fireball Extinguisher.


(2) Elide Fire Ball:

Elide Fire Ball is a self-activation device. When it is thrown on the fire the ball self detonates, it gives a loud warning alert of about 120-140 dBA. This ball disperses chemical powder over an area of 8-10 square meters. It is made from rigid plastic foam with resistance from abrasion. Its activation time is 3-10 seconds.


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