Fire Fighting Truck


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1906, Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, as well as the NWCG Standards for Wildland Fire Resource Typing classifies vehicles by type and function. The standards mandate that every fire truck ‘type’ is designed with specific components and features and must carry specific gear.

Why is this important, you may wonder?

It ensures that regional terminology does not compromise prompt rescue support and resources. What may be called a “brush truck” in one community is a “wildland truck” in another. The creation of universal fire truck standards and terminology means that a fire department can request support for a specific engine type, knowing that it carries the required equipment for the emergency. As a result, fire departments can appropriately manage mutual aid and know exactly what kind of support they are getting for every emergency call.

Learn more about every type of fire truck below and find out the distinguishing characteristics that make each truck unique.



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