Fire Fighting Truck


The modern day fire truck is typically associated with blazing lights, blaring sirens, and the huge cascade of water. One of the biggest, most prominent indications of a fire scene is the super large size and red colored fire truck. What started off as a mere water pump placed on wagon wheels has now transformed into a proper vehicle carrying all the essential equipment like ladders, power tools and rescue gear as the vehicle moves from the fire station to the fire scene.

The term fire truck is often used interchangeably with another term that is ‘fire engine’ by quite a few people in different territories, when referring to the act of firefighting. However, this has become quite a debate nowadays because there are still many fire departments and fire services where people refer to separate and distinctive types of vehicle or fire apparatuses when they talk about fire trucks and fire engines.

So, is a fire truck the same thing as a fire engine or are there unique differences between the two?


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