Fire Hose Reel(Floor & Wall Mounted


se reel cylinders are made of metal, fiberglass, or plastic. The most common types is spring driven, which self retracts. Other varieties include hand crank and motor driven. The diameter of the cylinder and the length of hose that a hose reel holds determines how it is categorized, as well as its pressure rating and method of rewinding. Hose reels can be permanently fixed in place by being attached to a wall or part of a building or be mobile on a truck, wagon, or cart.

Chapter Two – Types of Hose Reels

Designs of hose reels vary depending on how the hose reel is going to be used. Hoses reels for the home are lightweight to handle the less strenuous nature of home maintenance. Ones that are part of industrial operations are sturdier, durable, and heavy-duty with different designs and features.

There are several methods for retracting hoses that differentiate the types of hose reels. Though the most common method is manual, there are electric, hydraulic, spring, and pneumatic ways of rewinding. The type of retraction depends on the weight of the hose, its pressure, the fluid it is dispensing, and how rapidly it has to be rewound.

Cable Hose Reel

Cable hose reels are a method for keeping work areas clear of clutter and providing appropriate storage of cables. They are designed for high durability but allow for easy access to cables, ropes, or wires. Cable hose reels can be spring, motor, or hand crank driven for retraction of cords or cables

Power Cord Hose Reel

Power cord hose reels are a means for storaging power cords for safety and convenient access. They come in a variety of lengths and thickness, with cord lengths varying from 30 feet to 250 feet (9 to 76.2 m) and hand cranks, or electric, and spring retraction methods.

Certain types of power cord reels remain attached to an electrical outlet while in use and do not require the use of the full length of the cord. They can be detachable as well as flat for easy storage. Power cords for power cord hose reels come with 50 amp and 30 amp power cords.

Static Discharge Hose Reel

Static discharge reels are for grounding or fueling conditions that can be hazardous and dangerous. They are used in the aircraft industry for refueling, chemical plants, grain elevators, rescue operations, and hazmat situations. Static discharge hose reels prevent static build-up and must have smooth operation without cable pull. The main feature of a static discharge hose reel is the prevention of random electrical charges that could ignite fuel or other combustible chemicals

High Pressure Hose Reel

High pressure hose reels are a safety device for storing high pressure hoses. They are designed to withstand the pressure in the hose and must meet specific application standards. High pressure hose reels prevent pressurized hoses from kinking, tangling, or being damaged, which could lower the pressure in the hose line.

The use of high pressure hose reels prolongs the useful life of a hose and improves its performance. They make jobs easier when working with heavy machinery. The choice of a high pressure hose reel depends on the size, length, type of hose, retraction method, and mounting position. They need to be placed where there is more room and space, which makes retrieval faster and easier and acts as a protective shield for the hose.

Air Hose Reel

The hose on an air hose reel is connected to an air compressor with the hose wound around the reel. They prevent extra wear on the hose and are normally hung from the ceiling in auto and tire repair shops. The two types of air hose reels are storage and continuous flow. Storage reels store the house while it isn‘t in use, while continuous flow reels allow the usage of the hose when it is wound.


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