Manual Call Point


Manual Call Point (“MCP”)
A manual call point (“MCP”) is an electromechanical device may form part of either a fire detection and alarm systememergency warning system or access control system in a building or structure. Manual call points may also be distributed throughout a property (external to a building or structure).  A manual call point is manually activated by a person to initiate an alarm signal.

A manual call point can be referred to by a number of names such as;

  • Break Glass Alarm (“BGA”) – Australia, Asia and Europe; or
  • Pull Station – North America

A manual call point may be used for a variety purposes such as;

  • fire safety (red enclosure);
  • emergency warning (white enclosure); and
  • access control or emergency door release (white or green enclosure).

Features & Operation of a Manual Call Point

The external housing for a manual call point may be made from plastic or metal to suit a variety of environments including (indoor, outdoor and explosive environments).

In its basic form a manual call point comprises a switch, mounted within an enclosure, protected from accidental or malicious activation by a protective frangible (glass) or non-frangible (plastic) cover.

Operation of a Manual Call Point

To operate a manual call point a user must press hard on the frangible or non-frangible front of the manual call point.

  • For frangible manual call points an operator will observe and hear the sound of the frangible element (typically plastic coated glass, printed with instructions to operate) break.  The operator will also observe the frangible element break or fold indicating it has been operated.
  • For a non-frangible manual call point, an operator will hear the sound (clack) of the operation of the device.

Operation of a Pull Station

A pull station (North America) a includes a lever that when “pulled down” breaks a retaining glass rod.

After activation, the pull station transmits an alarm signal to the fire detection and alarm system.



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