Safety Sign


A sign giving a warning of a hazard or danger (e.g. “Danger: High Voltage”)

These signs should be used to make people aware of nearby dangers.

For example, a flammable liquid store.

These health and safety signs are required by the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 and in specific cases by the Dangerous Substances (Notification and Marking of Sites) Regulations 1990.

Signs warning of a particular hazard appear as a black band in the shape of an equilateral triangle. The background within the band should be yellow with the imagery indicating the type of hazard in black, positioned centrally on the sign.

Warning signs can also be displayed as floor graphic markers, including half-circle floor signs. For example, you can highlight areas where pedestrians should watch their step, or areas where forklifts should sound their horn to alert others to their location  before Proceeding


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