A Fire Extinguisher Ball is an advanced technology to extinguish the fire. It is a new sphere shape firefighting equipment and is made from harmless chemical powder. Fire Extinguisher Ball is a completely automatic fire quencher. When the ball comes in contact with flames, it bursts and disperses and immediately extinguish the fire. Fire extinguisher ball is a self-activation fire extinguishing equipment and when we throw it to the fire, it automatically dispenses a cloud of ABC dry chemical powder that extinguishes the fire. The extinguishing agent inside it is not harmful to the environment and human life. Fire Extinguisher ball is user friendly. It is easy to use and install. When installed in the premises the owner of the premises does not need to train the employee about the usage of the fire extinguisher ball. It is a very effective and reliable fire extinguisher. No refilling is required for this type of fire extinguisher. It can suppress the fire in 3 to 5 seconds.Auto Fire Ball

We put the fire extinguisher ball where the potshots are. It can be installed in various places. Some of theme are:
Fire Extinguishing Ball Types

(1) AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball:

AFO fireball activates automatically when it comes across the fire. It does not require people to come close to the fire because it activates automatically and extinguishes the fire. It has a built-in fire alarm. It lightweight ball. It is suitable for use on materials such as wood, liquids, papers, and many others. AFO ball makes fire suppressing task effective and safe. It disperses chemical powder in 360 degrees and instantly triggers the fire. For more information, visit AFO Fireball Extinguisher.

(2) Elide Fire Ball:

Elide Fire Ball is a self-activation device. When it is thrown on the fire the ball self detonates, it gives a loud warning alert of about 120-140 dBA. Auto Fire Ball This ball disperses chemical powder over an area of 8-10 square meters. It is made from rigid plastic foam with resistance from abrasion. Its activation time is 3-10 seconds.

(3) Ice Ball Fire:

Ice Ball Fire activates automatically when triggers the fire. It gives a warning sound of 100 dB. It is an easy way for firefighting. It can extinguish A, B, C, and E fire classes. It can efficiently extinguish the fire volume of a 3-meter radius. It is used to extinguish fire fires involving solids, cloth, rubber, electricity, and combustible liquids. Read more about Iceball Fire Extinguisher.

(4) Aqua Fire Ball:

Aqua fireball is easy to use. it has high durability. Its weight is about 1.3kg. it is suitable to be used in commercial sites. It discharges chemicals in an area of 3 sq. meters. It is suitable to extinguish A, B, C, and Dry Powder Type.

Fire Extinguishing Ball Specifications

For effective use of the fire extinguishing ball, it is essential to know the specifications of the ball. Here are some of the specification of the fire extinguishing ball:
Extinguisher Ball Installation and Working

Advantages of Fireball Extinguisher

A fire extinguishing ball is a very reliable and efficient fire safety device. It can extinguish the fire instantly and have several advantages.

(1). Quick Response:

A fire extinguishing ball gives a quick and efficient response to suppress the fire. We just have to throw the ball on the fire and it can activate in just 3 seconds to extinguish the fire.

(2). Automatic Activation:

When the fire breaks out it can efficiently trigger the fire. We just have to throw the ball and it will automatically activate.

(3). Safety:

There is no need to come close to the fire. You just have to throw the ball from a distant place.

(4). Human & Environmental Friendly:

The chemical which is used as an extinguishing agent is user and environmentally friendly. It has no toxic effects on humans and the environment.

(5). No Training:

Because it is user-friendly and does not require any technical skills so no training is required before using it.

(6). Zero Maintenance:

No inspection and maintenance are required for this type of fire safety device. It has a shelf life of 5 years.

(7). Easy to Handle:

The fire extinguisher ball is lightweight. Its weight is around 1.5kg. It can be used by women, children, and the elderly.

Buy Fire Extinguisher Balls in Pakistan

Universal Fire Protection is one of the well-known fire fighting equipment suppliers in Pakistan. To Buy high standard fire extinguisher balls from Universal Fire Protection Send Us Inquiry.
EASY TO USE:- this pack of 1 ball of fire extenguishing ball is the fact that it can self activate in the presence of fire, when no one is present. if postioned in the appropriate high risk area where most fires are likely to start, it will self activate within 3 to 5 seconds upon reaching the appropriate temperature and extenguish the fire.
NO NEED FOR SPECIAL MAINTENANCE:- for period of 5 years without maintanence required always on gaurd for you with its unique capability to emit loud noise of 101 decibel as a fire alaram upon activation its lightwieght and portable unit weight is only 1.5 kg all people can freely use composed of envoironmentalk harmless dry powder.
SAFE AND EFFECTIVE:- people no longer need to be close to the firescene, the environment completely harmless, and compeletely harmless to the human body. comes with a wall mounting bracket, and even it can operate manually also when a fire erupts.
COVERAGE :- It cover s 360-degree angle, area of about 70 to 80 sq ft.It can extinguish three classes of fire, Solid, Liquid and Electrical classes of Fire. It weighs 1.5 kilograms with packaging .The diameter of ball is 144 mm, and it makes easy to carry and use, its 100 percent eco friendly, 100percent bio-degradable. it has no wiring and no ducting, it has long shelf life of 5 years, even kids can operate this ball
APPLY OCCASION:- Suitable for use in car, private home kitchen, factory, warehouse, electricals cabinets commercial purposes
we are the only manufacturer of AFO fire extinguisher balls in . our AFO (AUTO FIRE OFF) balls is regestered trademark, design patent product. and also our AFO balls is approved and certified by vaious govt authorities in india like:- FSAI ( fire safety association of india, Chennai certificate no. 1801024), IFE ( institution of fire engineers india), ISO 9001:2015, (International benchmarking & certification :- ICE/1805/H130 ) etc, RECOMMENDED TO BUY FROM PEDEVILLA, because this product is related to human being safety and security,.We are the sole proprietor/seller of this product , we don’t possess any dealer across india .
AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball

AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is an automatic fire extinguisher. It is the most developed item in the fire business to reduce the damages caused by fire disasters. AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball puts out the fire by itself, guarding lives and property. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to knock out the fire. An AFO fire extinguisher ball is very reliable and durable. AFO fireball price low compared to other fire extinguishers and it does not require any Auto Fire Ball maintenance and servicing and save the maintenance cost of the end-user.

Fire Extinguisher Ball is lightweight and versatile which could smother the fire. When an AFO fire extinguisher ball is thrown over the fire. It will rapture automatically and extinguishes the fire instantly. ABC dry chemical powder is used as an extinguishing agent in the AFO fire extinguisher ball.

The chemical inside the fire extinguisher is not harmful to the environment and human life. It has a built-in fire alarm. When it comes in contact with the flames it gives a loud voice as alarm and burst in 3 to 5 seconds. It disperses chemical powder in 360 degrees Auto Fire Ball and instantly triggers the fire. It can be installed in places that are prone to fire.

There is no need to come close to the fire it can be thrown from a distance and the ball will extinguish the fire by itself. No special training is required to operate. Before you buy Afo fireball in Pakistan, let me show you where you can use it and how it works.
AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball Installation

AFO Fire Ball In Pakistan:

AFO Fire Ball In Pakistan is the most advanced product to reduce the disaster and any irreparable loss caused by fire. Fire Extinguisher Ball is light and portable which could extinguish the initial fire. It is made of a water-proof plastic shell and filled up with harmless environmental powder.

Universal Fire Protection Company is one of the well-known and competitive supplier of fire safety equipment in Pakistan. We provide a huge range of fire fighting equipment to ensure your safety and protection. Many modern “ball” or grenade-style extinguishers are available on the market. The modern version of the ball is a hard foam shell,Auto Fire Ball wrapped infuses that lead to a small black powder charge within.

We provide AFO Fire Ball in Pakistan at very affordable and cheap prices with our best installation and maintenance services. Besides these, we also deal with other fire extinguisher ball in Pakistan.
Do you need AFO fireballs price from Universal Fire Protection CO Pvt?. Feel free t

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