Automatic fire suppression is a system that can detect and extinguish, or contain, a fire without having to rely on human intervention. In their simplest form, these systems have a means of detection, actuation and delivery.Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Fully automatic fire suppression systems take away the need to depend on a person to discover and tackle a fire. Within seconds of a fire occurring, the detection system detects the radiant heat from the fire, automatically actuates the system and delivers the extinguishing agents straight into the heart of the fire.
When fire protection is left solely to human interaction, there are inherent risks. Firstly someone needs to be physically present to be able to step in and many applications simply don’t allow for this due to location and/or environments not being accessible for humans. Examples are remote power generation, wind turbines and many industrial applications where noise, heat and contaminants are excessive.

You also have to consider whether the person is competent and trained to understand the early stages of a fire, as well as how to operate a handheld fire extinguisher correctly. Fires will often be very small when they start, occurring in areas that are difficult to both see and gain access to. Even if a fire is detected promptly, the application of the correct fire protection device and choice of extinguishing medium is reliant on the person present at that time.Automatic Fire Extinguisher
ll of these risks are mitigated when a Reaction automatic fire suppression system is installed. The fire suppression system is in charge of the detection, which will be located in and around the fire risk areas. It will offer repeatable detection in the hardest to reach areas without false alarms. The extinguishing agent will be precisely discharged and delivered straight into the heart of the fire. Most importantly, this happens without any person having to be present or involved. Meaning Reactants system provides fire protection day and night, keeping watch over your assets so you don’t have to.
Automatic Fire Extinguisher

An automatic fire extinguisher is the latest addition to fire fighting equipment. Technologists are busy doing tasks for the ease of human beings. The invention of auto fire extinguishers is a result of such efforts.

That type of automatic fire extinguisher is ABC. Hence, it can extinguish all types of fire. This proves that auto fire extinguisher has a broad application because it can be used to control all kind of fires.

Automatic Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
automatic dcp fire extinguisher
automatic dcp fire extinguisher

The fire extinguishing agent inside the cylinder of automatic dry powder fire extinguisher is DCP. This type of fire extinguisher is useful for extinguishing the fire of classes A, B, and C. The propellant inside that DCP fire extinguisher is nitrogen, which is an inert gas.

Dry powder covers the fire and the nitrogen also suffocates the fire. In this way the supply for oxygen stops and the fire gets extinguished.

Both the agent and the propellant also produce cooling effect due to which the fire does not starts again.

Halotron Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Halotron automatic fire extinguishers
Halotron automatic fire extinguishers

The automatic Halo tron fire extinguisher cylinder contains HCFC gas as a fire extinguishing agent and the propellant is nitrogen. The fire extinguisher can cover a wide area and is suitable for extinguishing the classes A, B, C and E of fire.

Environmentalism, no residue left, and no damage to equipment are some other benefits of Halotron automatic fire extinguishers.
Automatic Fire Extinguishers

Automatic fire extinguishers are, as their name suggests, designed to put out fires without requiring human intervention. It can take a while for someone to detect a fire, by which point the flames might have caused widespread damage or grown in size and severity to pose a life-threatening risk. By comparison, automatic fire extinguishers activate the moment the
How do automatic fire extinguishers work?

Automatic fire extinguishers work the same way as standard extinguishers do, except the squeeze grip handles are replaced by a heat-sensitive glass bulb which acts as the trigger. The bulb contains a liquid that expands when subject to heat. At a certain temperature, typically 68° Celsius, the bulb bursts and the extinguishing agent is released. The extinguisher head acts as a sprinkler and effectively disperses the extinguishing agent across the local area.

For example, if there’s a fire in the boat engine compartment, the automatic fire extinguisher will activate and extinguish the fire swiftly, before people on the boat even realise what’s happened. Learn more about the effective uses of an automatic fire extinguisher system. Don’t forget to take a look at our range of car and boat fire extinguishers, if you’re considering your options for these types of environments.
What’s the difference between automatic powder and FE36 extinguishers?

Automatic powder extinguishers are popular for two reasons: they will fight almost any type of fire, and they are affordable. However, there is a risk of after-fire damage. FE36 powder extinguishers are more expensive because the FE36 gas is a clean agent. This means it will leave no after-fire damage or mess. And since the extinguishing agent is a gas, it can rapidly disperse across a local area.

Our point of view is that no matter what a fire must be stopped, and so preventative safety measures must be taken where necessary. Learn more about choosing an automatic fire extinguisher.
Is FE36 bad for the environment?

No. Unlike Halon 1211 (BCF) or Halon 1301 which came in green extinguishers, FE36 has zero effect on ozone depletion and is safe to use anywhere. Learn more about fire safety and prevention in our fire safety videos.

An automatic fire extinguisher system can be effective in many situations. They are useful where other types of fire protection systems would not be practical. These systems can be independent or run alongside other types of fire prevention and safety solutions.
How Do Automatic Fire Extinguisher Systems Work?

automatic fire extinguisher

These extinguishers work in a similar way to the hand-held manual fire extinguishers. The main difference is that instead of squeezing the handle to operate the extinguisher this is replaced with a glass bulb. This bulb contains a heat sensitive liquid which expands when it gets hot. As soon as the liquid reaches a pre-determined temperature the bulb bursts and the contents of the extinguisher go to work.
Types of Automatic Fire Extinguisher Systems

There are two major types of automatic systems to choose from. The type of extinguisher you choose depends upon the location and the type of fire which is most likely to happen.
Powder Extinguishers

These are popular because they are useful for a variety of different fires. They may be found in the engine compartment of marine vessels, for vehicles etc. These provide an effective way to fight fires involving burning oils, petrol etc.
Gas Extinguishers

Gas extinguishers are a popular choice for computer rooms and similar enclosed areas. Areas where electrical fires are prevalent. The gas can deal with the fire without causing damage to the expensive, sensitive high tech equipment.
Where To Use An Automatic Fire Extinguisher System

Automatic systems are brilliant for unsupervised areas. These are settings where there is no-one available to operate a manual fire extinguisher if a fire breaks out. You can protect unmanned locations using this cost-effective method of fire protection. It works whether the area is unmanned on a permanent or temporary basis.Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Automatic fire extinguisher systems provide an affordable solution to many areas. They are particularly useful in remote locations. They are also useful in places where the only alternative would be to plumb in a sprinkler or fire suppressant system.Here’s an example – if you install an automatic powder extinguisher in the engine compartment of a boat, it could extinguish a fire before anyone even realised that there was a problem.

You can keep many areas safe using automatic fire extinguisher systems. These include engine rooms, computer rooms, data communication system and engineering assembly lines

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