Break Glass Manual Call Point

Features & Operation of a Manual Call Point

The external housing for a manual call point may be made from plastic or metal to suit a variety of environments including (indoor, outdoor and explosive environments).

In its basic form a manual call point comprises a switch, mounted within an enclosure, protected from accidental or malicious activation by a protective frangible (glass) or non-frangible (plastic) cover.
Operation of a Manual Call Point

To operate a manual call point a user must press hard on the frangible or non-frangible front of the manual call point.

Operation of a Pull Station

A pull station (North America) a includes a lever that when “pulled down” breaks a retaining glass rod.

After activation, the pull station transmits an alarm signal to the fire detection and alarm system.
Multi-purpose Alarm Call Point – Break Glass Units

Federal Signal’s multi-purpose, manual Break Glass Call Points are compatible with a wide range of flameproof and hazardous location applications. These break glass unit models feature a UV stable, heat, impact, and corrosion resistant, anti-static GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) housing. Call Points are ideal for both onshore and offshore applications for activating emergency equipment, audible and visual signals or control panel notification, or fire alarm activation.

Our Break Glass Call Point models offer an optional dual color unique LED indicator. The dual color LED indicator displays green when the unit is in “Normal” or standby mode, and changes to red when the unit is in “Alarm” mode.

An optional clear polycarbonate lift flap converts any single-step call point device into a two-step device to prevent accidental activation. Lift flaps are also available with four label options with instructions on how to activate the device. Additionally, the integrated tool reset key can be removed to provide a secure tamper resistant option. A variety of modular end of line resistors, series resistors and supervisory diodes are available for up to two modules per model. Modules are easily replaceable and are field installed.

Each Break Glass Call Point unit comes standard with eight field-installable faceplate labels: FIRE, EVAC, GAS, EMERGENCY, SHUTDOWN, LOCK DOWN, and evacuation logo. For harsher environments, four optional stainless steel face plate labels are also available:Break Glass Manual Call Point FIRE, EVAC, BIOHAZARD, and GAS ALARM. If the application requires a custom face plate label, the faceplate’s labeling surface will accept end-user supplied U-Line #S-19297 weather-resistant labels for laser printers.
Addressable Break Glass Manual Call Point
The call points are an addressable break glass manual call points which has a simple rotary decade switch at the rear of the unit for addressing.

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