Even if you never have to leave the lab, your feet are constantly exposed to danger. If a beaker spills everywhere, a normal pair of shoes or boots are no use whatsoever. Our shoes for the chemicals industry are prepared for the worst and are resistant to harmful substances, liquids and high temperatures. Extra-high shoes and impenetrable soles that are resistant to most chemicals in this branch of industry; these are just a few of the possible safety options we offer in this range. Whatever is thrown at them, these shoes have got your back.
For sale there is a wide choice of safety footwear, and at first sight all products look the same. However, there are great differences between different types. My goal is to teach you how to distinguish the correct genre of Chemical Shoes for each work environment. To be more precise, in this article I will talk about Safety shoes for handling chemicals.

I will try to give you an idea of what type of safety shoes is the most appropriate for your workplace and, in general, for your needs.
Of course it is not possible to list all the potential risks, but those that follow are the most important.

I am sure that this article will help you to choose the perfect type of safety shoes for your needs.
Most likely in your job you are often in contact with corrosive substances.

A good pair of safety shoes for your application should protect your feet, but at the same time it should let them breathe, so that a good article of safety footwear suited for withstanding the contact with chemicals will help you a lot.

But a job in this sector doesn’t involve a single task. Therefore, the risks are different according to the activity you perform, and so do the type of safety footwear you should wear.
The main jobs of the sector are:

• Washing chemical products: if in your work environment there are often large amounts of chemical substances on the floor, but no risk of splattering, then a pair of steel toe safety with soles made of pure rubber is enough. If the chemicals are not highly corrosive the upper of the shoes can as well be of microfiber, but in case of strong acids or other kinds of aggressive substances the use of polymeric rain boots is highly recommended.
Safety footwear for handling chemical products: construction of batteries and use of cleaning chemicals

• Construction of batteries: in this job one often comes into contact with the acids of batteries. Such acids are very aggressive for the soles of your footwear. Slipping and suffering bad falls is a considerable risk as well, when the floor is wet. An article of safety footwear with soles made of pure rubber is advisable. When there’s also a risk of Chemical Shoes liquid sprays, it’s better to choose polymeric rain boots.

• Cleaning with chemicals: some cleaning jobs must be done using abundant water and some additives such as soap or chemical products. In this type of job the risks for your feet are contamination, getting wet and chemical burns. It is advisable to use regular safety shoes with polymeric overshoes, or a good pair of polymeric rain boots in order to be protected at all times at work.
After having seen a list of the main activities in this field, let’s now talk about the risks that your feet take if in your work you are often in contact with chemical substances.

Of course it is not possible to list all the potential risks of a job in this sector, but the following are the most common. I am sure that this article will help you to choose the perfect type of safety shoes for your needs.
You must buy safety shoes to work, but you don’t know what features they should have?
You wish you had a clearer idea of the risks that you take every day in your job?

Now I am going to show you what the main risks for a worker in this sector are, to help you choose the perfect safety shoes for your needs.

What are the risks for your feet? And what are the solutions Chemical Shoes that can be found for sale?
The main risks of the sector are:
Almost every shoe type has versions that offer long-lasting protection. In this case, a valid article of safety footwear suited for working with chemicals should have the following characteristics:
What are Chemical-Resistant Work Boots?

Chemical-resistant work boots are made to offset the hazards of using, working with, combining or storing chemicals. They protect workers from the risk of skin injuries, allergies, infections and chemical burns caused by hazardous chemical leaks and spills. Therefore, chemical-resistant boots are essential for anyone working with chemicals.

All Chemical-resistant work boots must comply with the latest version of the European standard for footwear protecting against chemicals – EN 13832:2018.
TYPE U Footwear

If you are exposed to chemicals for only a short period of time, Type U footwear is recommended, as it provides protection on the upper only. To meet the requirements of this standard, the testing involves filling the footwear with an absorbent medium and pouring 130ml of the challenge chemical over the shoe, including all sides. The test footwear is visually assessed for liquid penetration and any damage immediately after exposure to the chemical. Chemical Shoes Further visual assessments are performed 10 minutes, 1 hour and 24 hours after the initial test.

The only footwear that doesn’t need to comply with the EN 13832:2018 standard are boots which are exposed to higher-risk chemicals – there’s a separate test with a more stringent set of standards for these boots.
Did you know…

V12 Footwear – chemical-resistant Our award winning sports range is chemical resistant and washable? Our V1910/1915 Boost IGS and V1920/1925 Octane IGS have been tested against chemical splash (Sodium Hydroxide and Sulphuric Acid) in accordance with footwear performance TYPE U specified in EN 13832-2:2018. They have also been tested against the SATRA TM 158 washability test – and passed. What’s more, both styles are available in men’s and women’s fit and are ideal for both paramedics and external health workers. The two styles also helped keep critical workers safe whilst working on their feet to help save lives at the NHS Nightingale Hospital during the peak of the worldwide pandemic.
Our Intelligent Grip System rubber sole unit ensures superb grip on all surfaces and increased cushioning underfoot.

Four strong, deep ladder grips and a well-defined heel keep you sturdy and firm footed while climbing or descending ladders, and ultimately Chemical Shoes helps prevent falls from height.

The sole pattern is based on small hexagons which provide multiple sharp edges to cut through liquid, while larger, self-cleaning lugs provide stability on chunkier terrains. This is an ideal safety boot for professionals who work on several different surfaces every day.

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