A fire alarm system can be regarded as your initial defense against a ferocious fire. It not only announces the fire in the surroundings but does much more than that.
• Firstly, the fire alarm system detects the fire in the nearby surrounding area. It detects smoke and heat.
• After detection, it alerts people through audible and visible alarms. The people once alerted can be easily evacuated from the building.
• Protection is the main job of the fire alarm systems. It prevents the fire from spreading further. Shut down different doors to protect the occupants.
Another purpose is to notify the authorities to avoid spreading fire and extinguishing it as soon as possible.

Conventional fire alarm system:
Several call points and detectives are interconnected with the help of physical cables in the conventional fire alarm system. All the parts are controlled by the main unit and receive all the signals, for detecting the reason for alarm easily, the call points and detectors are divided into zones. This feature is really helpful for both the fire brigade and the management of the building. On the fire alarm control panel, each zone is indicated with light or text and in some cases, both light and text are used to indicate each zone. Dividing the building into more zones will help to identify the reason and location of the alarm accurately and quickly.
Minimum two sounder circuits are wired to the control panel. The sounder system may contain bells, electronic sounders, or any other audible device that can produce sound.
A device that produces sound when the alarm is triggered is called an electronic sounder.
Types of fire alarm systems
Addressable fire alarm system:
An addressable fire system works the same as a conventional fire alarm system but there is a difference that each detector of an addressable fire alarm system is provided with a specific Address. Specific Address is given to each detector by the means of dip-switch. In this way, the control panel matches the installed address and easily identifies that which call point or detector has triggered the alarm.
The detection circuit is wired as a loop and with each loop up to 99 devices can be connected. Commonly, the loop isolation module is used to fit the loops. In this way, the loop is divided into sections so that in the case of a short circuit only a limited area could be damaged. In case of a short circuit or signal fault, the remaining parts will keep their working efficiently without any disturbance.
In conventional fire alarm systems and addressable fire alarm systems, the signals are not considered ‘intelligent’, because they can give only output signals.
Intelligent fire alarm system:
This is an advanced kind of fire alarm system. In an intelligent fire alarm system, every detector contains its own computer, which keeps a check on the surrounding environment and tells the exact reason for the alarm to the control panel. The alarm can be triggered either because of a fire, a fault or the detector head may need to be cleaned.
The intelligent fire alarm systems have a complex system but also have more facilities and efficiency than the conventional fire alarm system and addressable fire alarm system.
The main benefit of an intelligent fire alarm system is that it can prevent unnecessary alarms. There are different versions of intelligent fire alarm systems i.e 2,4 and 8 loop versions, due to this feature you can monitor larger areas with only one panel.
Wireless fire alarm system:
This type of fire alarm system can be used as an alternative to conventional wired alarm systems. They use secure radio communications for connecting the sensors and devices with the control panel. A wireless fire alarm system is quite simple but has many unique benefits. The biggest thing that makes it different from other fire alarm systems is that it does not need any wire or cable.
That was all about the types of fire alarm systems.
Importance of fire alarm systems:
Fire alarm systems are installed in various buildings we come across on daily basis, these systems are installed in the buildings for alerting the people of an emergency situation or any fire incident. When they get alert of an emergency situation in the initial phase, they can not only easily save themselves but also take control over the situation
The fire alarm systems are used to warn people about a fire incident or any other emergency situation. This warning can easily save the lives of people, the buildings, and the important assets and documents kept in those buildings.
We have seen that the fire alarm systems have different parts like detectors. There are various types of detectors used in fire alarm systems like heat detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors multi-sensor detectors, and manual call points.Then the fire alarm systems also have three different types including conventional fire alarm systems, addressable fire alarm systems, intelligent fire alarm systems, and wireless fire alarm systems.
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