Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs are an essential component of fire safety equipment and emergency preparedness. These signs are designed to effectively communicate the location and proper usage of dry powder fire extinguishers ensuring that individuals can quickly and confidently respond to a fire emergency.

The primary benefit of Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs is their ability to provide clear and visible guidance during a fire incident. The bold and easily recognisable “Dry Powder” text accompanied by a pictogram of a fire extinguisher serves as a visual cue for individuals to locate and access the fire extinguisher quickly. This reduces response time and enables swift action, helping to suppress the fire and minimise its impact.

By prominently displaying Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs near dry powder fire extinguishers you enhance safety awareness and ensure that individuals can easily identify the appropriate fire suppression equipment. The clear and concise message on the signs reinforces the importance of having a dry powder fire extinguisher readily available in case of a fire emergency. This empowers individuals to take immediate action potentially saving lives and preventing further property damage.

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs are made from high-quality and durable materials ensuring their longevity and visibility even in challenging environmental conditions. They are designed to withstand various factors such as heat, moisture and UV exposure ensuring that the signs remain legible and effective over time. This durability guarantees that individuals can rely on the signs to provide accurate information in the event of a fire emergency.

A Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Information Sign is a fire extinguisher type of identification sign which is used for displaying in areas where any dry powder fire extinguishers are sited around premises to help provide people with guidance of their location and Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs conveys the message “Dry powder” which means to show everyone the fire extinguisher is the dry powder type, buy Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Signs online with SafetyBox. Around areas where powder fire extinguishers are sited which are in poorly lit areas Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Nite-Glo Signage can be installed which which has been designed to glow in the dark and be displayed above or next to a dry powder fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher could save your life in an emergency. Whether you work in an office building, commercial, warehouse environment, or industrial site, or even for your home, having the right type of fire extinguisher in the right location is essential, that’s why we provide DCP Fire Extinguishers in Pakistan to save your life.

DCP Fire Extinguisher is standing for Dry Chemicals Powder Fire Extinguisher. DCP Fire Extinguishers in Pakistan are the most widely used of all types of extinguishers.

DCP fire extinguisher is a dry chemical fire extinguisher and is very efficient firefighting equipment. It is a very versatile fire extinguisher that can extinguish different classes of fire (class A, B, E). A dry chemical fire extinguisher is most widely used for fire protection and very quickly knocks out the fire. It is also known as BE or ABE fire quencher. They are ideal to extinguish mixed fire risk environments. We can use it for the protection of fire that occurs by liquids, storage of liquid gases, and heating oils used for industry, garages, and workshops. We can recognize a dry chemical fire extinguisher by its white band around the cylinder.

DCP fire extinguisher is essential for every kind of building and because of this reason we cannot deny the importance of DCP fire extinguishers. This kind of fire extinguisher can save the assets of the company from fire damages. They can provide rescue services without the assistance of the fire brigades or emergency service providers.

This kind of fire extinguisher is highly effective and due to its versatile nature users can use it in various places like:


The DCP fire extinguishers are available in different sizes such as 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg,6 kg,8 kg, and 12kg. The material of the cylinder is steel. The extinguishing agent is mono ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate powder and the discharge time of the agent is 13 seconds. The classes of fire it can effectively extinguish include classes A, B, C, and E.


The chemical inside the fire extinguisher is a mixture of mono ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate powder. The proportion of these two chemical powders is 40:60 or 60:40. The mixture when heated can melt and flow. When the melted mixture the cylinder over the fire it coats the flames and terminates the fire.


The fire breaks out when all the three elements of the fire triangle (heat, oxygen, fuel) are present. For the successful suppression of fire, any one element of the fire triangle should be absent. The dry powder type extinguishers work by discharging a fine powder using pressurized gas to spray it from the storage cylinder on the fire so that fire can be extinguished. DCP fire extinguisher puts out the fire by coating the fuel with a layer of powder and in this way the powder creates a barrier between the fuel and oxygen. When the fire extinguisher sprays the powder over the fire, this powder cuts off the supply of oxygen and rapidly knocks out the fire. After extinguishing the fire, we can clean the residue with the help of a vacuum cleaner.


DCP fire extinguishers are very reliable for extinguishing the following classes of fires:


Class A fire occurs due to material made of paper, wood, and textile. The fire extinguisher uses pressurized water, foam, and multipurpose dry chemical to extinguish the Class A fire.


The fire breaks out by liquids, greases, or gases such as petrol, diesel, or oil. Fire extinguisher uses Foam, carbon dioxide, dry chemical, and multipurpose dry chemical to extinguish Class B fire.


Fire is caused by combustible gasses like natural gas, LPG.


Extinguish energized electrical equipment by using an extinguishing agent that is not capable of conducting electrical currents. Fire extinguishers used multipurpose dry chemicals, carbon dioxide, and dry chemicals to extinguish this type of fire.


DCP Fire Extinguisher is further classified into two types based on classes of fire they extinguish and the chemical they used to extinguish the fire.


Before installing the fire extinguishers, it is important to ensure that the extinguishers user install them in the correct location, and are certified as proof of correct installation and sufficient provision against the fire safety risks.


Fire safety devices or equipment are useless without easy-to-follow instructions and it is important to ensure that the instructional tags are attached to the fire extinguisher because the efficient results of the DCP extinguisher depend on the instructions. The instructional tags must include the necessary information about the fire extinguishers. The information that must be listed down on instruction is the type of extinguishing agent inside the extinguisher, Whether the extinguisher has an adequate charge and is ready for use etc. All the fire extinguishers are sealed with the lead using copper wire.


The monthly inspection record label must be tagged with a DCP fire extinguisher along with the expiry date. This tag has 12 boxes with the name of each month labeled on it. Monthly inspection of the fire extinguisher is the responsibility of the end-user because once the service providing company hands over the extinguisher to the user then they should pay attention to their maintenance.


DCP Fire extinguishers require refilling after year. For refiling the owner of the organization must contact any reputable and highly professional fire extinguisher providers. The owner must pay attention to its expiry dates because it is a very crucial element.

DCP Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan:

Dry chemical powder extinguishers are suitable for class A (combustible materials), class B (flammable or combustible liquids), and/or class C (electrical) fires or a combination of ABC class fires. All the extinguishers supplied conform to the minimum fire ratings as specified in SANS 1910:2009.

They are highly effective for electrical hazards. This multi-purpose extinguisher interferes with the combustion process and provides rapid-fire knockdown. They are ideal for mixed fire risk environments and especially suited for protection for liquids, storage of liquid gases, and heating oils used for industry, garages, and workshops.

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