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Fire Hose Cabinets provide best protection from the environmental damage to the fire equipment and is suitable for putting two set of 63 mm diameter X 15 meter length hose pipes with nozzle. In it, two front doors are given with acrylic sheet for locking arrangement and handle installation.
Uses /Applications of Fire Hose Cabinets

Fire Hose Cabinets are widely used to store the firefighting equipment like Fire Hoses, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels, Branch Pipes etc.
Fire Hose Cabinets Specifications Fire Hose Cabinet And Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
At Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP, we supply a wide range of Fire Hose Cabinets in Mumbai, India. Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP is one of the premier and leading names in Fire Hose Cabinets supplier. Having more than 30 years of experience, we are one of the most trusted in the Fire Safety Industry. Our years of experience and passion for constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our clients have led us to become a key supplier of Fire Hose Cabinets.

Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP.’s Fire Extinguishers series are specially designed for high performance, simple method of operation and to achieve rapid Fire knock down capability of protection from ordinary to High Fire Hazards. The Fire extinguishers are manufactured by using high-end machineries and are portable and are ideal for domestic, commercial, industrial, and other protection needs and hence manufactured to suit the diverse fire safety needs of our clients. Fire Extinguishers have built for fully fail-safe working ensuring these products work without fail in each and every situation. Additionally, adhering to the Quality Standards of Latest BIS Approved and ISI Marked and CE Certifications.

Double door cabinet used for manual and automatic hose reel. These cabinets are made from mild steel with the sheet thickness of 1.0 mm. The outer edge of the hose reels is rolled over for safe handling and aesthetic appearance it can come with wired Glass, the lock mechanism is either lock type, key type or turn handle. These cabinets are designed to accommodate fire hose reel, firefighting equipment such as hose reel, fire hose, landing valve and extinguishers.
Fire hose and extinguisher cabinet gathers firefighting equipment for ready condition as well as protecting them from contamination or theft. It refers to Class II or Class III requirement of NFPA 14 specification to store hose rack assembly, fire extinguisher, with or without extra fire department valve.

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