Cabinet less continuous flow reel , surface, niches or in multi functional cabinets mounting options. Includes: reel, 25 mm semi-rigid hose, valve, jet-spray nozzle, hose guide, pressure gauge and easy-fit fixing system.

Manual Fire extinguishing set including both, hose reel and fire extinguisher unit. Cabinet material is an 0.8 mm painted sheet steel. Cabinet has a 1.0 mm galvanized sheet steel blind door with concealed hinges, aluminum recessed lock, and a turning handle for easy access

Fire extinguisher cabinets to be mounted with the VIES (both preformed cabinet and panel able cabinet), creating an integrated fire extinguishing assembly by manual means. The cabinet is made of painted 0.8 mm steel sheet. The door, with hidden hinges, is made of painted 1.0 mm steel sheet, with aluminum door recessed closure, and is easily operated by turning the handle.
ire Hose Reel is a firefighting apparatus used to transport water to the fire via a hose. The hose when not in use is stowed on a cylindrical wall-mounted drum designed to provide quick and effective deployment to quell a fire.

Wall-mounted fire hose reels form part of the fire suppression equipment along with extinguishers, sprinkler systems, foaming systems, blankets, and nitrogen systems. It is mandatory for every building to have Fire Hose Reel equipment that is installed at a strategic point with highly visible fire hose reel signage where everyone can easily locate them in a fire emergency.

Anyone buying this equipment should consider quality above all. Leading hose reel manufacturers, among which, Recoils is one of them guarantee their customers quality Hose Reels. Companies can order their specific custom fire hose reel to suit their unique purposes.

In this article, we will discuss the installation process and instructions for this equipment.

Installation Process

All fire hose reels should be installed by a certified trades person with the installation being made in accordance with the latest version of Australian standard AS2441 AS 2441 Installation of fire hose reels.

Consideration needs to be given to the suitability of the hose reel you are having installed, a standard surface wall-mounted version, or a swing mounted version which allows the reel to swing out from the wall allowing a more direct and rapid deployment.

fire hose reels are suitable for light hazard, ordinary hazard and if used in conjunction with sprinkler system high hazard areas. DN25 (1”) fire hose reels are suitable for Light hazard, ordinary hazard, and high hazard areas.

Fire hose reel certification and approvals, Fire hose reels for use in factories, industrial units, residential, etc should at best certified to or comply with the latest version of the Australian standard

Water supply to the fire hose reel should be no less than

Fire hose reels must not be connected to the supply line with a flexible hose, they must be hard plumbed with a ball valve.

Location, fire hose reels should be mounted where there is no interference with the deployment of the hose.

Signage, should be fixed directly above the fire reel, be clearly visible and comply with AS 2700. Signs should not be mounted less than 2m above the floor.

Mounting height, the fire hose reel should be mounted at a spindle height of between 1400mm and 2400mm above the floor height.

The ball stop valve shall be mounted 1000mm +- 100mm above the floor height. The recommended spindle height for a fire hose reel is 1500mm above floor height.

Clearance, no obstructions should be within 100mm, and the rim of the fire hose reel.

Structural integrity, the reel should be mounted to a surface that can withstand a 1kN force.

Instructions for Use

Note that the Fire Hose Reel works by the cooling effect of water hence reducing heat below the temperature of ignition. One should consider the following instructions when using this equipment;

It is highly recommended that you become trained and are knowledgeable on the use of the firefighting equipment you have on-site. The local authorities have training courses and will point you in the right direction.

You should never put yourself or others in danger, if you are not confident for fear for your safety follow your evacuation procedures. The emergency workers are trained and will manage the incident on their arrival.

Basic instructions

Now, let us address some frequently asked questions and their answers…
What is a fire hose reel used for?

A fire hose reel is equipment used to quell fires. Homes, offices, warehouses, factories, industrial buildings, and organizations install the equipment as part of the fire suppression system in the occurrence of fire. Fire hose reels are then used to put out a fire when they occur in the earliest stages.
What are the different sizes of a fire hose?

There are various sizes of the fire hose. They are supplied in multiple diameters. We have lightweight and single-jacket hoses provided in 0.75-inch, 1 inch, and 1.5 inches. They are typically used to suppress fires. There are also heavy-duty and double jacket hoses with sizes 1.5, 1.75, 2,3, and 2.5 inches. They operate in industrial applications.
What is the maximum distance between the fire hose reels?

The distances between the hose reels also varies greatly. Technically, the average distance between wall-mounted fire hose reels in a building is between 30 and 35 meters.
What are the minimum flow rate and working pressure for fire hose reels?

Water supply to the fire hose reel should be no less than
What standard should a fire hose reel be certified to?

Fire hose reels being installed in buildings should at best be certified to the latest version of AS/NZS1221 fire hose reels.
What standard should a fire hose reel be installed to?

Fire hose reels should be installed by certified trades person and installed in accordance to the latest version of AS2441 Installation of fire hose reels.

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