Foam Extinguishers are made of high quality ST14 by means of deep drawing.
Foam Fire Extinguishers are effective on class A & B fire.
Corrosive and impact resistant polyester paint finish (powder coating).
All Extinguishers are coated internally for optimal protection against rust and corrosion.
AFFF is an extinguishing agent which seals the burning surface against ignition.
The valve provided with safety release valve to release the excess pressure.
These extinguishers are manufactured according to International Standards and approved by local civil Foam Mobile System
Cylinders of different capacity can be supplied upon request.
Foam Fire Extinguishers are available in cream color also.

Foam Fire Extinguisher is a type of fire extinguisher that suppress the fire by cooling down the flames. Foam Fire Extinguisher covers the flames with a thick blanket of foam to suppress the flames. The blanket of foam cuts the supply of oxygen and cools down the flames. The water droplets in the foam cool down the burning substance and extinguish the fire. Foam Fire Extinguisher has a cream label. During the last few years, various transformations occur in the texture of foam used to extinguish the fire. In the original foam fire extinguisher, the texture of the foam was very thick. The foam was very smelly because the foam was made from animal protein. But now foam is made from more advanced material and is more effective than the previous one Foam Mobile System

Foam fire extinguishers are available at affordable prices and are easy to use. They are more flexible. They come up with a full package of nozzles, valves, and steel cylinders. They can be refilled when expired.

Foam type fire extinguisher is suitable for Class A and Class B fires. Class A fire is the fire that causes fire due to solids such as wood and paper. Class B fire is caused by flammable liquids such as petrol or diesel. They are mostly used to extinguish fire due to flammable liquids. Foam fire extinguishers can be purchased at very affordable rates and are easy to use. they are supplied with a full package of nozzles, valves, and steel cylinder. The nozzles are non-conductors so they can be used for the equipment near live electrical installations. When the fire extinguisher expires it requires refilling.
[zionhost_shortcodes_title_two heading1=”Types of Foam Fire Extinguishers” text=”Foam Fire Extinguishers are further classified into two types Foam Mobile System

Trolley Foam Fire Extinguisher is the first type of foam type fire extinguisher. The foam type fire extinguisher on the trolley is moveable. When the fire cannot be dealt with a portable fire extinguisher, we use a trolley foam fire extinguisher to suppress the fire. This type of foam fire extinguisher requires a supply of water (the minimum water supply required is 180 LPM at 5 bar). Trolley Foam Fire Extinguishers are available in different sizes. They are available in 25kg, 50kg, and 100kg cylinders. A trolley comes up with this fire extinguisher which enables easy mobility. Trolley foam fire extinguisher requires effective protection when it is used to extinguish the fire that spread out on the large area.

These are some of the points that should keep in mind before the extinguisher is discharged.


Portable Foam Fire Extinguisher:

Portable fire extinguishers discharge the extinguishing agent that suppresses the fire by covering the flames with a thick layer of foam. The foam cuts off the supply of oxygen and extinguishes the fire. When there is a lack of oxygen, it stops the chemical reaction and the fire cannot continue to burn. It consists of two containers. The outer container contains water. The central container contains a foam solution and carbon dioxide charge. When we compress the handle of the extinguisher, the agent is discharged from the nozzle. Hose clips, squeeze for action handle and carrying handle are made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel prevents these parts from corrosion, starches, and then help in the maintenance. Portable foam fire extinguishers are reliable. They are suitable for use when they are readily accessible so that they can be used immediately. The foam is basically a blend of perfluorinated and hydrocarbon surfactants. It is an ideal Class B fire. It is best suited when the fire is caused by flammable liquids such as petrol. Portable fire extinguishers require regular checking.
Usage Guide:

These are some of the points that should be kept in mind before the extinguisher is discharged.


Universal Fire Protection Offers Foam Fire Extinguisher which is more expensive than water, but more versatile. Used for Classes A & B fires. Foam spray extinguishers are not recommended for fires involving electricity but are safer than water if inadvertently sprayed onto live electrical apparatus. Though these are more flexible but costly than water fire extinguishers. You can use them on Class A & B fires but not on fires associated with electricity. They can be safer than water-based varieties if accidentally sprayed onto any operating electrical device.

Universal Fire Production provides a complete range of different kinds of fire extinguishers.

Universal fire Protection has a team of highly professional and technical persons who not only design and provide the best quality firefighting equipment but also provide a complete package of services for the maintenance and repairing of equipment.

Purchase Foam Fire Extinguishers today from universal Fire Protection CO Pvt. Feel free to contact us. We provide products at your doorsteps.
Mobile foam unite is a fully selfcontained mobile foam unit which has been specifically developed for the rapid deployment of foam extinguishing agent to fires and chemical spills. Further refinement has been achieved through a detailed ergonomic review and lower centre of gravity design, resulting in improved handling and mobility. Requiring only connection to a suitable water supply, the standard unit comprises a 120 litre foam concentrate tank.

This improved performance combined with an effective fire fighting capability makes the unit ideal for the protection of smaller flammable liquid hazards such as boiler rooms, oil storage and loading terminals, paint or spirit stores, airfields, industrial sites, generator rooms and similar high risk areas

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