Jet & Multipurpose Nozzle

This fire nozzle is defense type fire nozzle made of aluminum alloy, the flow range of this fire nozzle has 500LPM straight stream and 300LPM fog,
The fire nozzle is a water jet tool for extinguishing fire,Jet & Multipurpose Nozzle and when it is connected with the hose, it can spray dense and substantial water flow.
Followings are features of this fire nozzle:

• Quick-acting pattern control from straight stream to wide fog
• Fixed fog teeth;
• Easily flush able while flowing to clear trapped debris;
• 360°Swivel inlet which fits the demand of quick-change fire hose coupling;
• 1/4 turn from straight stream to wide fog.
Part 1 is Slide Valve Handle, open-close the flow;
Part 2 is Flow Rate Adjuster,this part is to change the flow rate between 500LPM Straight stream and 300LPM Fog;
Part 3 is 360° Swivel connected with various types fire hose coupling, such as STROP, HOST,INST,MACHINE,etc.
Part 4 is FOG’S Adjuster,this part is to change the pattern between straight stream and fog.
The performance details of the flow quantity and the throw range are provided in reference to an operating pressure of 3.5 bar at the nozzle. Length and weight with the Store C or Store B clutch. All PRO JET branch pipes are suitable for a maximum operating pressure of 7 bar.
Combined solid and spray jet

With the PRO JET nozzle, solid and spray jets are possible simultaneously. This technology ensures both large throw ranges as well as an excellent spray pattern. The PRO JET is suitable for a wide variety of operations.
riple Purpose Nozzle All Type MFG.
We are attaining trust from a huge client base that relies on our offered Triple Purpose Nozzle.Widely trusted as the precisely designed automatic control valves, the offered models are best suited for protecting fire protection systems from air lock. We are designed these valves in variety of configurations and end connections. Further, the offered valve is made from Aluminium Alloy and can be ordered at a leading price.

Additional Information:

Allowing the user to aim and direct the water, Jet & Multipurpose Nozzle the DO9 long pattern nozzle is manufactured in Light Alloy to provide a lightweight fire nozzle that remains capable of heavy-duty industrial work. With a jet nozzle that gives a powerful jet you can aim at a fire, the branch pipe is suitable for a multitude of purposes from general firefighting to wash-down and dust suppression.

Considered a true multipurpose nozzle, it’s a popular and low-cost solution with a 2½” Instantaneous inlet that’s manufactured to BS336. Manufactured for Vigil Products, the DO9 long pattern nozzle is easy to use, low maintenance, has a working pressure of 16 bar and has been tested to 24 bar.

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