Jetting Vehicle
What Does Jetting Vehicle Mean?

A jetting vehicle is a sewer truck fitted with hoses and jet nozzles used for cleaning underground sewer pipelines using high pressure water sprayed through the nozzle. It is one of the most common methods of cleaning sewer pipelines to remove deposits and blockages from the pipes. The process is carried out from a manhole.
Speechlessness Explains Jetting Vehicle

A jetting vehicle, usually a truck, is equipped with a water tank, a 20 to 40 HP water jet machine, a sturdy hose and drain/sewer cleaning nozzles of varying sizes. The water jetting process works by pumping water from the tank using a high pressure pump connected to a hose with a nozzle at the end. The nozzle has holes directed toward the walls of the pipe. The initial cleaning process is directed against the direction of flow which causes a reaction of outward force at the nozzle. Once the nozzle reaches the targeted entry point, the process is repeated along the direction of flow. This helps loosen the deposits and conveys it toward the entry point. Debris is then vacuumed out with another hose.
Jetting Pump – Pratissoli up-to 200 LPM and 300 bar of pressure. PTO driven and optionally auxiliary engine drive Tilting Hydraulically powered self-aligning Jetting hose reel Extra deep lockable storage boxes on both sides Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) [optional] Rubber Jetting Hose in lieu of Thermoplastic Extra Jetting hose length up to 150m on Main Reel 1” Dia. [optional] 9-ton to 18-ton GVW [weight classification] Water tank capacity from 4000 L to 8000 L Available as kit form to be mounted on any chassis.
MJV Series – Jetting Vehicles features functionality of jetting operations from Combined vehicle in a very simple and functional package. The jetting performance is taken to the next level to provide a machine to take on a wider range of duties as required by our customers. Equipped with the hydraulically powered jetting hose reel, together with an updated flow and pressure from the larger jetting pump, there is little the MJV cannot handle.
A jetting vehicle is a sewer truck fitted with hoses and jet nozzles used for cleaning underground sewer pipelines using high pressure water sprayed through the nozzle.
The jetter engine generally powers the high-pressure water pump to produce water under pressure. Modern direct-drive triplex plunger pumps offer smooth, continuous water flow and pressure. Integrated pressure unloaders enhance pump protection and prolong its lifecycle.
Sewer Jetter van packs

Our advanced high pressure sewer Jetter van packs are suitable for unblocking and cleaning of house connections and the sanitary sewer system up to Ø600mm.
The ROM sewer Jetter van packs are available with a separate petrol or diesel engine or delivered as a PTO-driven unit.

You can adjust the high pressure and water capacities to the chosen working area. The high pressure pump provides a cleaning pressure of up to max. 450 bar and a water capacity of up to max. 130 litres per minute.

There are several tank capacities available such as a 400, 650, 800, 1000 and 1350 litres. Optionally you can increase the water capacity if desired.
What characterises our sewer jetter van packs is the compact design and low empty weight. This allows you to take on plenty of water and be left with more (storage) space. You also save costs seeing our skid mounted sewer jetters fit in commercial vehicles that require only a modest investment.

Applications for which these drain jetter van packs are used: Unblocking and cleaning of house connections and the sanitary sewer system | Unblocking and cleaning of surface water drains (Ø70mm) and smaller pipes | Facade / surface cleaning | Drain cleaning | Removal of light graffiti | Oil spillage control


A local drain jetting business was in need of a compact and organised vehicle setup to carry out their drainage work. The business owner was looking for a way to make his work more efficient and reduce the amount of time spent setting up and packing away his equipment.

The customer had an ideal layout in mind and after an initial discussion, left it to us to make all the components fit in the rather compact space.

Being a SWB VW Transporter, it took a bit of thought to get it all in and working efficiently, especially with the large diesel powered jetter in the rear!
What is a jetter used for?
Do I Need To Use A Jetter? | Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC
A jetter or pressure jet drain cleaner is a specialized plumbing tool that is used to clear your pipes. Jetters are very powerful and work by employing high-pressure water jets to clear any obstructions from your pipes. They are useful for residential and commercial applications.

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