Jetting Vehicle
What Does Jetting Vehicle Mean?

A jetting vehicle is a sewer truck fitted with hoses and jet nozzles used for cleaning underground sewer pipelines using high pressure water sprayed through the nozzle. It is one of the most common methods of cleaning sewer pipelines to remove deposits and blockages from the pipes. The process is carried out from a manhole.
Jetting Vehicle

A jetting vehicle, usually a truck, is equipped with a water tank, a 20 to 40 HP water jet machine, a sturdy hose and drain/sewer cleaning nozzles of varying sizes. The water jetting process works by pumping water from the tank using a high pressure pump connected to a hose with a nozzle at the end. The nozzle has holes directed toward the walls of the pipe. The initial cleaning process is directed against the direction of flow which causes a reaction of outward force at the nozzle. Once the nozzle reaches the targeted entry point, the process is repeated along the direction of flow. This helps loosen the deposits and conveys it toward the entry point. Debris is then vacuumed out with another hose.
Modern combination units are designed as multi-purpose, single resolution vehicles with the flexibility to tackle a wide variety of jobs.

Pump performance is crucial to the capabilities of a combination vehicle. As pump technology has evolved, smaller vehicles now offer the suction and jetting capacity comparable to much larger units.

For example, today’s smaller 7.5t vehicles may have suction capacities in the region of and high-pressure jetting at around , more than enough to carry out the bulk of everyday drain and gully cleaning work. Advances also mean that contractors are increasingly switching operations to small , which offer cost savings in terms of initial outlay, fuel economy and the number of engineers needed on each job.

The smaller tank sizes of compact vehicles mean larger tankers still have advantages, though the latest emissions legislation make the use of these types of vehicles prohibitive in some areas.

jetting vehicle

Modern smaller jetting units offer a versatile alternative to large vacuum tankers, particularly when used in congested cities or confined areas.

The latest combination units have been designed to meet (ultra-low emission zones) standards for use in cities across Europe. PTO (Power Take-Off) from the vehicle’s emissions-compliant engine to power the twin pumps for jetting and suction, the units can be operated by a single person by way of sophisticated remote control and pump management systems

The latest dual-band remote control kits technology for a 30-40% improvement on reception range, which is beneficial in densely populated areas


Partitioned water tanks that carry both waste and clean water are common. A typical configuration may be waste and clean water.


Single-resolution visits may require the use of multiple tools, such as drain rods and CCTV cameras. Ample storage space enables the additional kit to be carried.


Alongside warning and storage lighting, exterior LED lights along both sides of the vehicle can be switched independently for highlighting the working area.

Van-mounted jetting/vacuum units are ideally suited for use in environments subject to harsh weather conditions as the equipment and water tanks are protected within the vehicle. These types of jetting can be installed in larger 5-tonne commercial vans and used in narrow streets and other difficult-to-reach places for year-round clearing of flooded cellars, grease traps and heavily polluted drains. The units typically include 800ltr clean and wastewater tanks constructed from lightweight materials.
Combined Canal Jetting Vehicle

Combined jetting and cleaning vehicles are superstructure equipment that enables the removal of gravel pieces, soil, household waste and septic wastes that cause blockages in sewer systems by breaking and pushing with high pressure water. Combined jetting vehicles while opens the blockages in the canal, on the other hand, thanks to its high suction power, it ensures that the wastes are sent to the waste water tank.

Our Canal Jetting Tools offer the most economical and efficient solution for opening and cleaning hardened solid waste and blockages in the sewer system, drains and pipes. With the high pressure pump and hydraulically driven high pressure hose reel, the blockages in the duct are removed by using the breaking and driving force of the water.

Thanks to the world-class quality of the raw material used in production, it withstands difficult conditions and never let its user down.

Our Canal Jetting Vehicles are offered to our customers as S-Jet, M-Jet and Mobile Units as 3 different product options that may differ according to their usage areas.

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