gloves provide excellent protection against mechanical impacts during work. They are suitable for heavy-duty use and for work where there is a risk of gloves are extremely abrasion resistant and at the same time supple and flexible. The high-quality material offers the wearer protection and comfort.

The cowhide or pigskin used by TEXAS has a wide range of applications and is particularly durable. They reliably protect the wearer from injuries caused by stitches, for example, and provide a good grip. Depending on the desig gloves also protect against thermal hazards.

Despite their high safety properties, work gloves are flexible and comfortable. Models with a palm lining keep the hands pleasantly warm in cold temperatures.

gloves, as the name suggests, are gloves made from . They’ve been used for hundreds of years in a range of different environments, and for good reason. Leather has a range of different properties which make them great for a range of different purposes.
What Is Leather?

There are two main types of leather – natural and synthetic. Natural leather is made from animal skin and hide, which is tanned into a tough material.

Synthetic leather is made in a range of different ways from a range of different materials, but contains no animal products and is ideal for vegetarian or vegan wearers as they are still incredibly tough materials but without the use of animal products.
Incredible Durability

One of the many benefits of gloves are their durability and toughness. This makes them great for anything from a walk in the cold to metalworking (depending on the gloves you’re wearing, of course). The leather will protect your hand from scuffs and scrapes, and can also protect against sparks and other metalworking hazards.

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The toughness of gloves is great no matter which level of gloves you need. For ordinary, everyday gloves it means they will last longer, and for industrial-grade gloves it gives a great level of protection your hands need for safe working.
Heat Insulation and Resistance

Leather is a fantastic insulator, making leather great at keeping heat in on cold winter’s days. This is ideal for working in cold conditions, such as rigging or scaffolding in winter. In fact, most rigger gloves are made from leather because of the durability and warming effect they provide.

As well as keeping your hands warm, gloves can also be made to resist heat, making certain gloves great for hot environments and hot-work tasks.

Many leather gloves are not made just from leather. Several leather gloves use leather for reinforcement or grip, giving you protection in key areas of your hand while allowing for additional control or dexterity. Leather’s versatility as a glove’s main material or as extra protection makes leather gloves great for any need.
Great Grip

Leather also offers gloves a great level of grip. The texture of leather is incredibly tactile and leather gloves help to make it easier and more comfortable to carry cumbersome objects – ideal for warehouse work.

This extra grip is also great for metalwork – it ensures that you can keep hold of what you’re working on and what you’re working with so that your working environment can be as safe and as productive as possible.

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