Lockout Kit
What Does Lockout Kit Mean?

A lockout kit is a set of equipment used for performing lockout procedures on hazardous equipment. Lockout refers to the act of placing locks on a piece of equipment to render it inoperable or to isolate it from other equipment.

A lockout kit typically comes with multiple different types of locks, as well as identification tags that provide workers with a method of referencing information about the hazards associated with the locked-out equipment.
Lockout Kit

Safety retailers sell both general-purpose lockout kits and lockout kits designed to facilitate the locking out of a specific piece of equipment. Lockout kits are designed to be portable. In situations where the number of locks is very large, a lockout cabinet may be used instead.

The lockout of a potential hazard, be it electrical equipment, industrial machinery, a vehicle, or a valve that controls the movement of hazardous material, is a major part of many occupational safety practices. For instance, OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.147 for The Control of Hazardous Energy is entirely devoted to providing rules for the mandatory lockout and tagout of electrical equipment.

Lockout kits contain both lockout and tagout equipment, and the two concepts are often referred to by the collective acronym LOTO. Tagout refers to placing a tag on a piece of equipment that indicates that the equipment should not be used until the tag is removed. Both lockout and tagout involve the use of tags to identify the item and reference the hazards associated with it. Tagout-only practices are used when a device is not capable of being locked out.

A lockout kit may contain a variety of different locks, depending on what it is used for. Common industrial locks include circuit-breaker lockouts, ball-valve and gate-valve lockouts, gas-cylinder lockouts, and cable lockouts, as well as various sizes of padlock. Task-specific lockout kits, such as a forklift lockout kit, will provide all locks and tags necessary to properly lock out that particular system.

The identification functions of lockout systems are one of their primary purposes. A workplace with a number of locked or tagged-out devices will often keep a reference log that provides information regarding where each lock is, what equipment it’s attached to, and what hazards are related to that equipment.
The lockout kit has several products, including different lockout tagout products. These kits are used for performing lockout procedures on hazardous equipment. Lockout kits are many more than this one sentence and have multiple usages. If you’re wondering what’s more about the kit, we will help you with that.

In today’s article, we will help you understand in detail what is a lockout kit is and what it is used for? We assure you that you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision regarding your purchase of the lockout kit by the end of this article.
What is a Lockout Kit?

A lockout kit or loto kit is a set of equipment used to perform lockout procedures on hazardous equipment. In simpler words, lockout means placing locks on any equipment to ensure it is inoperable and separated from other equipment.

Moreover, it comprises multiple locks with separated identification tags that allow the workers to reference information about the hazards associated with the locked-out equipment.

Safety lockout products are mobile and portable. If you’re dealing with a vast number of locks, then the kit would not be ideal for you; you should instead opt for a giant lockout cabinet.

Electrical equipment, vehicle, valve or industrial machinery, or other equipment include potential hazards for the workers; therefore, it becomes crucial for many occupational safety practices. Read more: Types of Lockout Tags & Its Usage for Industrial Safety

You also get an identification option with lockout tags. With the help of these tags, you can tagout all the pieces of equipment. After this, it will become easier to identify which equipment belongs to which department/person and the safety guidelines or any other particular remark if required.
Usages Of Lockout Kit

This is used when more than one unit on a single panel needs to be locked out.
To isolate the electrical plugs/switches/button.
To ensure hassle-free usage of different equipment within the same kit.
Prevent usage of hazardous equipment.
Allows multiple workers to keep their equipment at the same place without any safety concerns.
Promotes safety and security of every piece of equipment.

So with these, you’re now aware of what a lockout kit means and its usage; this must have made you understand the importance of having a lockout kit or lockout cabinet at your workplace, right?

What are you waiting for? Connect with a trusted lockout supplier, buy a lockout kit today and ensure safety for all pieces of equipment.

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Lockout kits are equipped with the tools you need to isolate mechanical and electrical control points. Want to learn more? Visit Brady’s LOTO resources to learn about “Elements of a Lockout Tagout Program”, “Group Lockout Best Practices” or our definitive guide – “What is Lockout Tagout?”. Need a full Lockout Tagout solution? Brady offers a wide range of services that help you solve your Lockout Tagout compliance and behavioral safety hurdles

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