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Our portable eye wash station is perfect for site work in isolated areas with no access to clean, potable water. Manufactured from sturdy, UV-resistant polyethylene, the unit is bright yellow to ensure visibility even when eyesight is compromised in an emergency situation. This ultra-portable eye wash unit requires no plumbing and can either be mounted to a wall with the included wall bracket, or simply placed on a flat, stable surface.

The portable eye wash fountain is activated by a simple pull strap, which will cause the unit to discharge water for over 15 minutes in accordance with ANSI regulations.

The unit also comes with a built in service tag to facilitate regular safety inspections. If you choose to mount the unit to a wall, please ensure that it is installed between 838mm and 1143mm from floor level.

Water preservative specifically for portable eye wash units is available from other sources to extend the life of the water in these units.

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Tech specs

Height: 656mm
Width: 559mm
Material: high visibility polyethylene
Capacity: 68 litre (18 gallon) tank
Flow rate: 1.5 litres per minute (required for 15 minutes to comply with ANSI Z358.1 regulations)
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What is ANSI compliance?

The American National Standards Institute governs the development of industrial standards for the United States and across the world. The specific regulations that govern emergency eye wash products (ANSI Z358.1) set out guidelines for water quality, temperature and flow rate, as well as product installation and maintenance procedures. See our guide to ANSI regulations for more information.
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We also provide a range of fixed eye wash stations, including wall mounted eye wash stations, pedestal eye wash stations, and freestanding eye wash units.

One of the biggest benefits of portable eyewash station is that absolutely no plumbing is needed. Depending on what brand and model you choose, two of the most popular portable eyewash options include gravity-fed units (often constructed of durable plastic), or pressurized portable eyewash tanks. Gravity-fed portable eyewash stations are filled with clean tap water and require added eyewash preservatives. Haws 9082 eyewash preservative keeps water clean for up to 90 days and helps to protect against the growth of bacteria, fungus, algae, acanthamoeba and other impurities that can form in portable eyewash units. Pressurized portable eyewash tanks feature easy to transport stainless steel construction and are also filled with clean water and bacteriostatic additives. Once the units are filled, they are pressurized to a specific PSI air pressure. Depending on your make or model, portable eyewash tanks should be inspected regularly and water should be changed as noted.
Easy Activation

Although the majority of your portable eyewash stations lifespan will be sitting by idle, when an emergency occurs, gravity-fed stations have to be ready to operate at a moments notice. These units feature easy, pull-down activation arms to deliver an instant 15-minute flush for the user. Here are some specifications for our most people gravity-fed eyewash units
Keep Your Operation Safe & Compliant With Portable Eyewash Stations!

If you or your employees work around dangerous fluids in remote job sites, a portable eyewash station is a must-have! And, when you trust the experts here at AbsorbentsOnline, you can rest assured your operation is kept safe and compliant. We’ve got exactly what you need!

Even if you already have a plumbed-in version, these portable eyewash stations are an ideal backup solution for locations lacking plumbed water. You can fill these eyewash stations using clean water from a faucet or hose attachment. A water additive concentrate will keep the flushing fluid clean for up to 120 days. They deliver a continuous, gentle water flow for 2 to 15 minutes to dilute or flush debris and contaminates from the skin and eyes.

Trust us when we say the consequences for not having one of these on-site when an emergency occurs are grave. So, shop now to keep your operation safe and compliant!
The Different Types Of Portable Eyewash Stations We Offer

The best part about shopping at AbsorbentsOnline is the variety we offer. Our self-contained portable eyewashes come in 2.9-gallon to 16-gallon container sizes. And, you can even choose from either gravity flow or pressurized tank models.
Portable Gravity-Fed Units

Our two gravity-flow eyewash stations deliver a constant 15-minute flush of water at 0.55 GPM. This exceeds the ANSI Z358.1-2014 flow rate standard of 0.4 GPM, so you can rest assured you’re safe and compliant.Portable Eye Washer

They feature a durable PVC construction with high-visibility colors for easy identification. Both units have pull-down activation trays with twin spray nozzles. The wide-mouth opening ensures easy filling with a standard faucet or water hose. They even offer easy access during cleaning and inspection, coming apart quickly.

Temporarily installation of portable gravity flow units is simple, with molded wall mount brackets on the back. The green 10-gallon model (A16GFEWJ) is also suitable for use on a bench or tabletop. People love this one because it can easily be carried or transported from workstation to workstation with a handle.
Pressurized Tank Stations Portable Eye Washer

The three pressurized stainless steel cylinder models have 2.9, 4, and 15-gallon tank capacities.

Our ANSI-compliant keg-style unit (A15GEWJ) has twin-spray nozzles with pop-off dust covers and push-plate ball-valve activation. It provides a hands-free flow of 0.4 GPM so the user can keep their eyes open to ensure proper dousing. You can add an optional drench hose to use this device as a general safety shower, too!

The two smaller cylinder tank models are 100 PSI with handheld spray heads. These durable, mobile designs deliver a water flow of 1.59 GPM for 2 and 3 minutes respectively.
Don’t Forget To Add These Accessories Portable Eye Washer

Want to make your portable eyewash station even better? Consider adding removable insulation covers, especially if your location is outdoors. These covers help maintain the proper temperature and protect from freeze and frost during colder climates (up to -30°F), and extreme heat in hotter climates.

You can also grab a portable water preservative solution. This solution helps you preserve the water in your tanks for up to 120 days. It also eliminates bacteria to extend the useful life of your eye/face wash station. Keep in mind, though, that Section recommends weekly visual checks of flushing fluids.

Our portable eyewash stations are just one of the many products you’ll find in our catalog to help you stay safe and compliant. We also carry all sorts of other eyewash and shower stations, including

So, shop below and grab everything you need to outfit your facility or job sites with – don’t wait until an accident happens, it’ll be too late!

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