All Capacity Fire Extinguisher Refilling



An undercharged, expired, or depressurized fire extinguisher can endanger your personnel and property. Commercial and industrial facilities need their fire extinguishers recharged by trained fire protection professionals to meet state codes, OSHA requirements, and insurance company recommendations.

Fire protection companies have the tools, training, and knowledge to ensure fire extinguishers are in peak working condition and appropriately refilled with the correct extinguishing agent. A qualified fire protection service provider will have deep expertise recharging all types of fire extinguishers, including:

Fire extinguishers must be recharged directly after use to ensure enough pressure and suppressant liquid are stored and ready to extinguish a fire. Below are several instances where fire extinguisher recharging needs to occur.

Immediately after each use – Fire extinguishers need to be recharged immediately after each use. Even if the extinguishing agent inside was not completely discharged, the extinguisher still needs to be serviced to ensure it’s ready for its subsequent use. A minimal discharge will typically result in leakage and an eventual total loss of pressure required for proper operation.


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