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Automatic Fire Extinguisher

An automatic fire extinguisher is the latest addition to fire fighting equipment. Technologists are busy doing tasks for the ease of human beings. The invention of auto fire extinguishers is a result of such efforts.

That type of automatic fire extinguisher is ABC. Hence, it can extinguish all types of fire. This proves that auto fire extinguisher has a broad application because it can be used to control all kind of fires.

The Fire Safety Trading PVT Ltd, company deals in all kinds of fire fighting equipment including auto fire extinguishers. We provide all types of automatic fire extinguisher.

The main feature of auto fire extinguishers which makes them dominant over the conventional fire extinguisher is that we do not have to operate them manually rather it gets operated automatically.

The automatic fire extinguishers senses the temperature and becomes automatically in action, whenever it is required.

What is the automatic fire extinguisher system?

The auto fire extinguisher system is a system used to extinguish the fire automatically it does not have to operate manually. An automatic fire extinguisher system senses the rise in temperature, releases the fire extinguishing agent, and extinguishes the fire.

How does automatic fire extinguishers work

The working of automatic fire extinguisher is quite simple. When it is installed at a place, and if that place catches fire, the chemical inside the sprinkler bulb expands due to the rise in the temperature and bursts, breaking the seal below.

When the seal bursts, it opens the passage for the fire extinguishing agent inside the cylinder, which then spreads and extinguishes the fire.

There are 2 types of automatic fire extinguishers.

Automatic Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

automatic dcp fire extinguisher

The fire extinguishing agent inside the cylinder of automatic dry powder fire extinguisher is DC P. This type of fire extinguisher is useful for extinguishing the fire of classes A, B, and C. The propellant inside that DC P fire extinguisher is nitrogen, which is an inert gas.

Dry powder covers the fire and the nitrogen also suffocates the fire. In this way the supply for oxygen stops and the fire gets extinguished.

Both the agent and the propellant also produce cooling effect due to which the fire does not starts again.

Halo tron Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Halo tron automatic fire extinguishers

The automatic Halo tron fire extinguisher cylinder contains CFC gas as a fire extinguishing  agent and the propellant is nitrogen. The fire extinguisher can cover a wide area and is suitable for extinguishing the classes A, B, C and E of fire.

Environmentalism, no residue left, and no damage to equipment are some other benefits of Halo tron automatic fire extinguishers.


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