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What Is Breathing Apparatus: SCBA

Before exploring the difference between SCUBA and SCBA, let’s outline what we mean by an SCBA. A self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is also commonly known as a breathing apparatus (BA), compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA), oxygen cylinder, industrial breathing set, or air tank. Let’s break it down. Self-contained means that the device can operate without a connected device such as a hose. Breathing apparatus assists those working in hazardous workplaces without access to clean air or oxyg

Emergency breathing apparatus are an integral piece of equipment for firefighters, mining workers, rescue workers, scuba divers, and those operating in confined spaces.

Everyone has heard of the term ‘SCUBA’ in relation to diving, but what is breathing apparatus used for in other industries? A breathing apparatus is a respiratory device worn to supply safe compressed air to the wearer. Breathing apparatus is typically applied by people exposed to hazardous atmospheric air or a lack of oxygen, which can cause health issues or endanger their lives. As the leading provider of safety equipment across industries in need, we at Newcastle Safety Servicing are experts on the different types of breathing devices, their components, and what is breathing device used for in workplace scenarios. This article will outline the difference between a SCUBA and SCBA breathing device, what is breathing apparatus used for in industry applications, and how to use breathing apparatus.


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