Chemical Fire Suit


In our blog article on selecting the right chemical protection suit, we have already indicated how important it is to take standards applicable to your area of work into consideration and how these standards play a key role in making the right decision. In this article, we provide you with a brief explanation of the individual standards.

In order to ensure optimal protection for individual hazardous areas, the European Union has defined harmonised standards for different protection classes (also called types) for chemical protection. This makes it much easier to choose the right protective clothing.

The protection type is confirmed by certification and indicates the kind of exposure for which the suit is suitable. Dust, liquids and gas have been used to test the protective clothing. Important criteria for determining the individual types were abrasion, tear resistance, tensile strength and puncture resistance – meaning that the requirements placed on the protective clothing through day-to-day use should be met.

This resulted in the following protection classes:


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