Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher


What is DC P powder?

A dry chemical fire extinguisher Is one of the most commonly utilized by extinguisher types throughout the world. It’s also called DC P, ABC, ABE, or BE fire extinguisher. It contains a dry chemical extinguishing agent that is highly effective against a number of known fire types like A, B, C, E, and F.

DC P dry chemical is usually a mixture of Ammonium Sulfate and mono Ammonium Phosphate. In order to determine whether a fire extinguisher is a dry chemical type, just look at the white band that runs around the tank.

What Is A DC P Fire Extinguisher?

Dry Chemical Powder 6KG ABC

Dry chemical powder DCP fire extinguishers are one of the most widely used fire extinguishers across the world. This is mainly because of the fact that they are able to deal with different types of fire-related hazards. Apart from having increased effectiveness against various kinds of fires, DCP fire extinguishers are also increasingly cost-effective to use.

The most common type of DCP fire extinguisher is ABE dry chemical powder fire extinguisher, the name of which is derived from the classes of fire it’s effective against – Class A, B, and E. The second type of DCP fire extinguisher is BE dry chemical fire extinguisher, which is effective against classes of fire B and E.

What Do You Use Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers For? Where Would You Use A DCP Fire Extinguisher?

Dry Chemical powder DCP fire extinguishers are extremely effective and versatile in nature. These fire extinguishers can be used in places that are highly susceptible to the following fire-related hazards:

ABE Types

  • Class A Fires – People, fabrics, wood, cardboard, paper, and more
  • Class B Fires – Flammable liquid fires like Oil, diesel, petrol, and others
  • Class E Fires – Electrical fires, switchboards, computers, photocopiers, and more

BEF Types


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