Ear Muff


ar muffs hearing protection devices that are worn over the head, like headphones.  Some advantages of wearing ear muffs include:

  • provide more consistent protection than plugs
  • one size fits most heads
  • easy to put on and take off
  • good for short jobs

The disadvantages of ear muffs:

  • heavier than ear plugs
  • may be uncomfortable in hot environments
  • eyeglass wearers may not get a good seal
  • more expensive than other types of HPDs
  • resonate (vibrate) at lower sound frequencies (<400 Hz)

If you wear ear muffs, remember that anything that comes between your ear and the ear muff will make them less effective and reduce  your level of protection!   Also, you should choose eyewear with thin temples so they don’t interfere with the seal.  Some ear muffs attach to hard hats to form a good seal when wearing a hard hat (right).

4.jpg (1013 bytes) Also, when putting on ear muffs, remember to push your hair away from your ears.   Center the ear muffs over your head and make sure the seal is tight. Adjust the headband so the ear muffs are resting comfortably on your head.  The cups should entirely cover your ears. 

4.jpg (1013 bytes) Before you put on your earmuffs, it is important to inspect them for cracks, tears or other signs of wear.


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