Foam Mobile system in Pakistan


✓ Inductors
✓ Foam Making Branch Pipe
✓ Foam & Water Monitors
✓ Foam Generators
✓ Foam Mobile Unit
✓ Foam Pourer / Trailers


Portable Foam Inductors can be placed near a Portable pump or Hydrant outlet, minimizing manpower requirements and leaving the Firefighter to concentrate on effective application of the Foam to control the Fire situation.

Mobile Foam Unit

These mobile foam trolleys are designed for one-man deployment and is ideal for fighting spill fires in oil storage and loading terminals, paint or solvent stores, boiler rooms, ship’s engine rooms, petroleum tank farms and similar high risk areas.

Foam Generator

Fixed or portable style, safe for use in hazardous material fire situations. It has a built in educing system for proportion expends foam more than 700 times.

Waterway Fire Monitor

Manual Fire Monitor has characteristic with adjustable flow rate, distant range and wide discharging range and the discharge range is also adjustable-have both straight stream and fog stream.

Hydrant Mount for Monitors

Used to connect monitor to fire hydrants hose outlet Cast Iron I Mild Steel inlet and tube I elbow Include welded steel frame and adjustable steel support legs.

Foam Top Pourer

The City’s Foam Top Pourer sets are designed for fixed roof tank foam systems containing flammable liquids. As with many items from City’s fixed foam equipment range the Top Pourers are manufactured to clients individual


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