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Fire Hydrant

A fire hydrant is a device connected to a pressurized water supply designated to supply water for firefighting during all phases of the fire. It has a column shape which emerges from below the ground level, allowing above ground connection of equipment for firefighting purposes.
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Following up customer’s specification hydrant can be supplied:

  • without connection: in this case outlets are female BSP threaded. In this matter the purchaser can provide by himself peculiar connection
  • with connection and plug: available connections are UNI (Italian standard), DSP (French standard), BS 336 (British standard), NH (American standard), STORZ (German standard), GHOST (Russian standard)

Following up customer’s requirement each fire hydrant can be supplied with a) two side outlets, b) two side outlets and one front outlet for motorpump connection, c) two side outlets, one front outlet and one back outlet.

Each fire hydrant is provided of drainage system to protect it against action of ice and corrosion. The drainage system automatically drain water from the pillar above the obturator when obturator is closed. All parts of the drainage system are made of corrosion resistant materials.

All component in cast iron are duly coated to protect against corrosion.
Our fire hydrants are UL/FM approved. The certifications UL/FM ensures that the products are tested for Public Safety, Protection from Fire, Explosions and Breakdown.

Pillar fire hydrants can be supplied

  • without break system – recommended in the area where hydrant cannot be damaged by car or truck collision, such as green areas. It is cheaper and it performs better during pressure drop test
  • with break system – recommended when possibility of collisions is believed to be more actual, such as road. The break system is a mechanism which allows the above ground part to separate from the below part when subject to impact whilst maintaining the seal of teh main valve. The hydrant is designed to allow replacing the above part without excavation.


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