Rescue Van


examples of Rescue vehicle in a sentence Equipment (unmanned):Standard fire engine $156.00 per hour Heavy Rescue vehicle $ 208.00per hourBrush patrol $104.00 per hourStaff vehicle $78.00 per hour HazMat vehicle $208.00 per hour Aerial ladder truck $468.00 per hourEmergency communication van $115.00 per hourRescue/Command vehicle $104.00 per hour Support materials Billed at cost B. Propose Make, Model, numbers and condition of proposed equipment for Rescue, vehicle for Fire Fighting, Ambulances & Mechanical /Vacuum sweepers (or manual) on rented or ownership which will be property of OMC. Fire Wreckage Firefighting vehicle Engineering vehicle Rescue vehicle Casualty Figure 2. Motion: Trustee MarshallSecond: Trustee RobinsonAyes: Mayor Woodard; Trustees: Marshall, Rennekamp, Robinson, and Salton Nays: none Abstentions: none Motion Carried •Treasurer Mangione asks Fire Superintendent Tamborelle what he thought the 2007 Chevy Suburban Rescue vehicle would bring at auction. The bidder shall be responsible for the complete design, fabrication and delivery of the Rescue vehicle superstructure (Hino GVW 8800 2017 Model Truck to be provided by procuring agency) as per the standards and specifications mentioned below.


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