Sounder Siren Fire Alarm System


Sounder Siren

This electronic Sounder is designed for use with Fire Alarm System and Security Systems. Combined sounder and beacon provide an audio-visual warning which is suitable for places where high sound output.

High Sound Output with Low Current Consumption.
High Efficiency Lens for Maximum Light Output.

Who We Are ?

ANSORL TECHNOLOGY LTD is a building automatic control system and fire alarm system provider. Over the past years, We have always been dedicated to serving the diverse needs of our customers. Although we started out as a tiny engineering and manufacturing company in China and have grown into a global player in the international safety market, Ansorl continues to work hard to earn your trust and retain your confidence in our product line.

We focuse on providing advanced buidling automatic control system and fire alarm, fire protection system. Ansorl works harder to tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

Ansorl is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer with number of testing facilities. We are also planning to expand our manufacturing and testing facilities in China to ensure that our products and manufacturing practices continue to meet the highest standards.

We invite you to get to know Ansorl better. Experience the best fire alam technology and solution. We are convinced that you will find Ansorl superior to any other detector company in China. You’ll see it in our facilities, in our people, and in the products that Ansorl makes. It’s our uncommon commitment to excellence and quality, and to the automation and productivity of our customers.

What We Have ?

* Conventional and Addressable fire control panel
* Smoke, heat, gas, flame, beam detector
* Manual call point and pull station
* Audio/visual alarm, strobe horn
* Standalone battery operated fire alarm detectors
* Explosion-proof and weather-proof fire alarm devices
* FM200/CO2 gas extinguishing control system
* Other fire safety products

Why Choose Us ?

* Prompt Response.
* Standard Quality Control System.


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