What Are Safety Gloves ?

Safety Gloves as the name suggests, are gloves made from leather. They’ve been used for hundreds of years in a range of different environments, and for good reason. Leather has a range of different properties which make them great for a range of different purposes. 

What Is Safety Gloves ?

There are two main types of leather – natural and synthetic.  Natural leather is made from animal skin and hide, which is tanned into a tough material. 

Synthetic leather is made in a range of different ways from a range of different materials, but contains no animal products and is ideal for vegetarian or vegan wearers as they are still incredibly tough materials but without the use of animal products.

Incredible Durability

One of the many benefits of leather gloves are their durability and toughness. This makes them great for anything from a walk in the cold to metalworking (depending on the leather gloves you’re wearing, of course). The leather will protect your hand from scuffs and scrapes, and can also protect against sparks and other metalworking hazards.

Leather gloves have been in existence since leather was first used to make mittens or gloves with 5 fingers.From the earliest civilizations, the value of animal skin gloves to protect and warm hands was recognized.

The oldest known leather gloves come from Egyptian tombs dating back to around 1700 BC. are dated. Often made of soft goatskin, these gloves served both practical and decorative purposes. They were worn by the wealthy classes and were often richly decorated. In ancient Rome, leather gloves were a symbol of social status and were worn by the elite. The Romans also developed special gloves for military use, often reinforced with metal plates or chainmail to protect hands in battle. During the Middle Ages, leather gloves became widespread and used in various fields. They were worn by knights in battle, by horsemen to protect their hands, and by artisans such as blacksmiths, butchers, and farmers. Leather gloves were also a symbol of power and nobility. Kings and queens often wore magnificent gloves decorated with jewels.

Over the centuries, the manufacture of leather gloves has developed into a craft in its own right. Specialized glove makers’ guilds emerged in Europe, known for their quality craftsmanship and expertise. The production of leather gloves is a complex process. Over time, leather gloves were worn not only as a protection or status symbol, but also as a fashion accessory.
Leather gloves

Gloves are made of lamb leather (with and without hair), elkskin leather, deerskin, cow leather, calfskin, goatskin, pig leather or kangaroo leather. They are available as smooth leather, fur, nubuck or suede. Due to the multifarious properties of leather, gloves can be protective (work gloves, motorcycle gloves), warm (winter gloves) or worn as an accessory (ladies’ gloves for the evening wear).

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