The Fire Alarm Sounder Strobe is a device that has been designed in such a way to produce sound and Flashing when Manual Call Point or Detector sense any kind of fire activity. It has dual tone sound and it is enough to make alert everyone inside the buildings, factories, Malls, Schools and Colleges.
Flasher Sounder Hooter is audio-visual alert device to alert everyone by flashing light & high audible sound in case of emergencies. Flasher Hooter is Successfully used with Fire Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarm System & other Emergency Situations.

It is really helpful to grab attention from people busy in their task in Factory, Constructions Sites kind noisy areas.
This Made In India product gives an excellent opportunity to use Indian Flasher Hooter at cost of traditional hooters.
So why use only Hooter ?
When you can use Flasher Hooter with better sound & Flashing to save precious lives in Emergencies.

See Live Demo with Decibel Meter to see Live Working
Flasher Sounder for Fire Alarm System The Fire Alarm Sounder with incorporates both the and into single versatile unit. It provides the best of two forms of emergency communication. The sounder performs the audible signal announcement while the provides the visual alert signal in emergency situations. The combination of these two features into a modern, sleek design is more effective, time saving and most importantly safer for modern fire alarm systems.
The Sounder with Flasher is a kind of audible and visual alarm device used to warn people in field when fire occurs. It can give audible and visual alarm when applied to I/p power. To connect it with fire alarm control panel, an addressable control module (Addressable Single I/O Module) should be added to the system.
High bright red LEDs are used as light source
High sound leve


Built-in 2pcs LEDs, super bright when send out alarm signal, effectively remind people flee from fire.
The siren will send out both loud sound and quick flash light to remind people escape from the fire.
Three different tones, you can choose any one of them according to your need.
Super loud sound, the alarm volume over or equal to 100dB.
Compatible with fire alarm panels and virtually all other makes (testing on third-party panels is recommended before use).

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