Sounder Siren

Electronic sirens: Siren alarm with multiple tones

With electronic sirens, the audible signal is generated electronically and depending on the size of the signaling device, is then output via sound capsules, pressure chamber loudspeakers or classic loudspeakers. Auer Signal multi tone alarm sounder offer up to 63 different tones and maximum volume for all the different sounds. Simply select clearly distinguishable signal tones for your area of application, to which different meanings and actions are assigned.

The size of our models varies depending on performance. In our product range you will find electronic sirens in the sizes 30 to 132mm. The mounting of the devices is as simple as it is versatile: horizontally, vertically, on a pole or with an angle for wall mounting.
– the loudest multi-tone siren

The ASX multi tone alarm sounder from our Series A is the loudest multi tone sounder available with a sound pressure of up to 127 dB. The user has a choice of 63 tones, three of them are externally controllable. The square electronic sirens of the Series A convince even in smaller sizes with their loud performance. For additional visual signaling, the Series A models can be combined with beacons from the Series M22 or the Series Q.
Top quality products from Auer Signal, made in Austria

Electronic sirens are developed and produced like all other signaling devices from Auer Signal in our Austrian factory. The multi-tone sirens and alarm sounders are particularly robust and suitable for applications under harsh conditions. Our multi-tone sirens withstand temperatures from -20°C to +70°C and reach, depending on the model, a protection class up to IP66. The signaling devices are used worldwide and convince with their quality and long service life. To place an order, please contact our headquarters or a sales partner in your area.
Sounder And flash Siren is a compact commercial grade safety device that is commonly used in buildings to raise alarm in case of fire hazards and other problems. It is made up by using top-quality highly sensitive elements that result in quick operation. The hard plastic body of this safety device gives excellent protection from moisture, humidity, high temperature flame, and dirt attack. Get Sounder And flash Siren from us in bulk with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.
What is a sounder alarm?
A fire alarm sounder and fire alarm beacon can be an essential part of an addressable fire alarm system on your work premises. Fire alarm sounders and beacons provide an audible and visual warning in the event of a fire, ensuring that everyone on the premises is alerted to the potential danger.
What is the function of sounder?
The sounder beacons are part of the notification devices and combine a visual indication along with a loud siren for everyone to see and/or hear that the alarm has been activated. They are a necessary part of a fire alarm system as they instigate a fight or flight response in people.
What are sounders in a fire alarm system?
Fire Alarm System Components: Fire Alarm Sounders – Discount …
Fire alarm sounders are an essential part of fire alarm systems – they warn everyone in the building that there’s danger. The word alarm comes from the French À l’arme which means ‘to the arms’, in historical times this call to action would tell men with weapons to get ready to face any oncoming danger.
physics of the sound. Mechanical sirens blow air through a slotted disk or rotor. The cyclic waves of air pressure are the physical form of sound. In many sirens, a centrifugal blower and rotor are integrated into a single piece of material, spun by an electric motor.

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