Our portable eye wash station is perfect for site work in isolated areas with no access to clean, potable water. Manufactured from sturdy, UV-resistant polyethylene, the unit is bright yellow to ensure visibility even when eyesight is compromised in an emergency situation. This ultra-portable eye wash unit requires no plumbing and can either be mounted to a wall with the included wall bracket, or simply placed on a flat, stable surface.Portable Eye Washer

The portable eye wash fountain is activated by a simple pull strap, which will cause the unit to discharge water for over 15 minutes in accordance with ANSI regulations.

The unit also comes with a built in service tag to facilitate regular safety inspections. If you choose to mount the unit to a wall, please ensure that it is installed between 838mm and 1143mm from floor level.

Water preservative specifically for portable eye wash units is available from other sources to extend the life of the water in these units.

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Tech specs

What is ANSI compliance?

The American National Standards Institute governs the development of industrial standards for the United States and across the world. The specific regulations that govern emergency eye wash products set out guidelines for water quality, temperature and flow rate, as well as product installation and maintenance procedures. See our guide to ANSI regulations for more information.
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We also provide a range of fixed eye wash stations, including wall mounted eye wash stations, pedestal eye wash stations, and freestanding eye wash units.Portable Eye Washer

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Self-contained Portable eye wash stations can be placed as close to work areas as desired, for faster emergency access. They require no plumbing connection to provide a steady stream of clean fluid for washing irritants from eyes. These units have a built-in wash tank that is filled and refilled with clean eye wash solution as needed. Self-contained eye wash stations are used in labs, chemical plants, paper mills, and other environments where there are potentially harmful chemicals or materials.
The eyewash is to temporarily slow down the further harm of harmful substances to the body in emergency situations such as when toxic and harmful substances (such as corrosive chemical liquids, etc.) are splashed on the body, face, and eyes of the staff, or the staff’s clothing catches due to a fire. Professional medical assistance to obtain emergency equipment for a certain period of time. As an emergency protective equipment, the eyewash has the role of maintaining the occupational health and safety of employees. It is widely used in chemical plants, university laboratories, scientific research institutes and wastewater treatment plants. The Occupational Safety and Health Association of America (OSHA) clearly stipulates to provide workers with a “safe and healthy working environment.” OSHA has also specially formulated safety standards and regulations aimed at improving the working environment of employees. For example, in , in places where human eyes or bodies may be exposed to harmful or corrosive materials, appropriate equipment should be placed in the work area for rapid flushing of eyes and body in emergency situations.

The eye/face wash device independently invented and launched by is equipped with a unique nozzle to spray out a balanced height of bubbling water and a radial water column. It can rinse the eyes gently at a lower speed, and also rinse the face area, quickly and effectively remove the dangerous chemicals splashing on the eyes and face.

Portable Eyewash Station’s features
It is made of polyethylene, and its raw materials comply with the FDA Regulation on Polyethylene Portable containers clauses (C) for food contact use. It has high strength and good toughness. , Strong rigidity, heat resistance, cold resistance, etc.;Portable Eye Washer

Designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, using the principle of gravity to generate water pressure and deliver the water to the two eyewash nozzles;

ABS plastic nozzle, food-grade silicone cover;

Pull open the rubber cover to carry out emergency flushing quickly and quickly;

The drain hole set at the bottom is convenient for the operation of regular replacement of the flushing liquid;

The three supporting feet of the base make the placement more stable, leaving ample operating space when carrying;

It is suitable for outdoor work or workplaces without water supply and drainage facilities. It can be installed and fixed on the wall as required to provide timely professional protection;

It is recommended to empty the liquid in the eyewash unit every week as needed, and clean the parts of the eyewash unit well;

Equipped with a wall-mounted back panel.

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