Fire Hose Hydrant System


The first Hose used was made of leather. It was made only in short lengths owing to its great weight, and this added to the fact it had to be periodically greased to keep it pliable, making it very difficult to handle. The leather hose was followed by a hose constructed of natural I fibers. This was known as canvas hose and was first manufactured! in Scotland about 1850. The fibers used were flax, and the hose was woven entirely by hand.

The fire hose cabinet is used in Fire vehicles and in-store. And all key hoses must be placed in Hose Bags so may be safe from any kind of dust or rust.  And fire hose reel is mostly attached to the backside of the fire truck. The fire hose reel cabinet must be covered with a door and locked so while driving the Firetruck the reel may not come out of the position.


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