Welcome to Best Way Traders Emergency Eye wash your one-stop shop for safety eye wash stations, safety showers and related products. As a market leader in safety eye wash units, our products are renowned for their exceptional build quality, reliability, and value for money.

Emergency eye wash Station

Whatever your requirements, we’re certain to have an eye bath unit that’s right for your workplace. Our wall mounted eye wash stations are designed to be fixed to a wall for unbeatable stability, Emergency Eye Wash while our freestanding eye wash stations can be installed close to particularly hazardous areas. The fact that they’re floor mounted also makes them perfect for larger workspaces where a wall mounted unit may present too great a distance to travel in an emergency.

Our portable eye wash station can be used anywhere, making it suitable for onsite work – even in isolated areas with no plumbing. The unit can store water safely for up to six months before needing to be refilled, thanks to the included water preservative.

All of our safety eye wash fountains are designed for hands-free operation once activated by a low-resistance, high-visibility lever. In addition, we sell a safety eye wash with hand and foot operation, which can also be turned on via a foot paddle in the event that the user has also sustained damage to their hands.

Emergency showers

Our emergency eye wash decontamination showers also come in a range of mounting options. We supply wall mounted safety showers, ceiling mounted safety showers and freestanding safety showers to suit workplaces of all shapes and sizes. All of our emergency drench showers can be activated in a matter of seconds via a simple pull rod.

Our combined safety shower and eyewash station brings together the best aspects of our emergency eyewash stations and decontamination showers into a single unit that’s both space saving and cost effective. Aside from being excellent value for money, our all-in-one emergency shower and eyewash units can be used in serious accidents where the individual has suffered injuries to both the eyes and body.

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