Getting started with fire extinguishers

The first thing to do when choosing a fire extinguisher is to decide which rooms in your house need one. You should keep at least one on each level of your house. Make sure you keep fire extinguishers handy where fires are more likely to start, like in the kitchen and garage.

Understanding fire extinguisher types and classes

There are four classes of fire extinguishers – A, B, C and D – and each class can put out a different type of fire.1a

Purchasing your fire extinguisher

Now that you know how many extinguishers you need and what types to get, you can begin shopping for the right unit for your home. Look for fire extinguishers that you can easily lift. Larger extinguishers may pack more power, but you must be able to use it properly.

How much is a fire extinguisher?

it effectively expired if unchecked. Fire extinguishers should be inspected every year to check for pressure levels and any damage. An extinguisher that has just lost pressure does

Once you’ve made your purchases, familiarize yourself with the fire extinguisher directions so you’ll be prepared in case you need to put out a fire. Typically, fire extinguishers are fairly easy to use in the case of a fire. Most fire extinguishers While the method works on most fire extinguishers you’ll encounter, cartridge-operated fire extinguishers like the kind found in some industrial settings require an extra step. In these units, an external pressure cartridge must be activated first.3

You don’t need to be a trained firefighter to operate a fire extinguisher, but that doesn’t mean you should tackle any fire with reckless abandon! If you are not certain you can put out the fire and that you have a clear path to escape, then you should safely exit the building and wait for your fire department to handle the situation. Proper maintenance is also important in order to ensure your extinguisher works when needed. Check your unit annually for adequate pressure levels and ensure that it is clean and undamaged.4

Ensure you and your home are protected in case of a fire or some other household accident with

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